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Token generation progress:
We provide a 25% token bonus for early backers
Presale TGE token (DBIP) price is 0,80 USD per 1 DBIP
DBIP tokens will be converted to DOBI tokens 1:1 before main TGE
Main TGE price will be 1 USD per 1 DOBI

To get contract presale contract address please accept the terms below, enter your email address and press 'Continue' button

The contract is ERC20-compliant and the source code is verified at

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How to buy DBIP
Terms and conditions
Accept terms and conditions if you haven't yet
Create Ethereum wallet
You need an Ethereum address to which DBIP tokens will be issued.

We recommend using MyEtherWallet or the Metamask plugin for your favorite browser. You may use any wallet software, but you should have access to your private key.
Deposit ETH
Deposit ETH to your Ethereum wallet address.

You can quickly deposit with BTC or other crypto-currencies
using ShapeShift or MyEtherWallet
Exchange ETH for DBIP
Use your ETH wallet to send ETH to the presale contract address (see above).
- while sending ETH you should set the max gas value to 150'000 to ensure that the transaction finishes successfully. Gas is used to execute contract methods that issue DBIP tokens to your ETH-sending address.
- do not send ETH from an exchange address, otherwise your DBIP tokens will be lost.
- do not send ETH before or after the presale period. Such transactions will be rejected (your ETH will return but gas will be spent).
Receive DBIP tokens
After you send ETH and the transaction is mined, your DBIP tokens will appear at your ETH address.

You can check your DBIP balance with MyEtherWallet by adding a custom token.

Presale token migration
Your tokens will be migrated to the main TGE contract when TGE starts and later to the Dolphin BI platform smart-contract, where they can be used as payment for services.
Dolphin BI Presale Terms and Conditions
1. Background
Dolphin BI is a smart-contract platform for investment analysis collaboration.

2. Parties
The parties of following agreement are Dolphin BI ("DBI") and you ("You"), a purchaser of DOBI tokens for later use in the the Dolphin BI platform (referred in this agreement simply as "Platform") during the Dolphin BI Initial Coin Offering presale ("Presale").

3. The Presale mechanism
The Presale is conducted through Ethereum Smart Contract ("Contract"), which automatically governs all Presale processes. Contract is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. Contract will send DOBI tokens to You automatically and any of its functions cannot be influenced or shut down directly during the Presale.

4. Smart Contract Security
The security of Contract is guaranteed by the ERC20 standard by Ethereum Foundation, to which Contract adheres. You will not hold DBI responsible for any losses incurred by violation of Contract's security.

5. Total Presale token supply
The total amount of DOBI tokens sold during the Presale is 30000 DOBI. Any tokens not sold during the Presale will be available for purchase during the Dolphin BI ICO.

6. Presale minimal threshold
The minimal threshold for success of the Presale is 10000 DOBI. In the event that the minimal threshold is not reached, You will be refunded ETH with all transaction fees covered by DBI.

7. Contract's transparency
DBI commits to enable Contract's transparency by providing public access to the repository containing Contract's source code on Github.

8. Refund policy
DBI shall not be liable for any losses, damages, claims, economic damages, or any other money amounts related to DOBI token purchase, to the maximum extent permitted by law, in tort, contract, negligence or any other theory of law, therefore no refunds shall be issued (excluding the event described in paragraph 6).

9. Usage of DOBI tokens
DOBI tokens purchased by You will be locked in Your Ethereum Wallet used for the purchase until Platform's launch at a later date. DBI does not warrant that DOBI tokens You have purchased will be suitable for Your purposes (or anyone's purpose) outside of Platform or its components. You agree not to hold DBI responsible for issues related to Platform or its components, including failure to complete any aspect of the project or technical limitations of the project that reduces or completely eliminates the utility of DOBI tokens to You (or any other person).

10. Token migration
DOBI tokens purchased by You during the Presale will have to be migrated manually into active DOBI tokens used in Platform during or after Dolphin BI ICO. DBI commits to provide means for token migration to You at the beginning of Dolphin BI ICO and at any later time excluding periods and events at which it is not physically or technically possible to do so.

11. Entire Agreement
This is the entire agreement between the parties with respect to purchase of DOBI tokens by You during the Dolphin BI Presale and it supersedes any other understanding, representations or agreements between the parties.
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